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Frontcarry with a stretchy

Jersey / Elastic wrap with a one week old
pre-tied PWCC with shoulderflips

This way the fabric isn’t covering the airways and the wrap is snugger at the neck, creating better support for a newborn.

Wrap = Manduca Sling


Frontcarry with a woven wrap

Front carry where the baby is positioned slightly off center
One knee a bit higher than the other, back fully supported.

This carry feels more natural to me with a newborn, as it resembles the ‘in arms’ position I’d use without a wrap

Wrap: Bykay
size 6 (my base size)

Frontcarry with a woven wrap + nursing

Frontcarry with a long woven wrap, suitable for a newborn

+ A quick way to reposition your child for nursing

Wrap: Didymos lisca rainbow
Size 6 (base size)

Double Hammock

A great backcarry for your heavy toddler as the chestpass helps to distribute the weight.
Not the best choice for leg-straighteners.
This finish is a great way to get some extra tension and keep the shoulderstraps from slipping of your shoulders.

Wrap: POP by Artipoppe Cloud 
I’m using a size 6 woven wrap (4.7m)

Frontcarry with a ringsling (rings on the back)

Frontcarry with a ringsling, positioning the rings on your back

+ A quick way to reposition your child for nursing



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