Tips from others: 

For a ring sling, best tips were
1. Start with the sling tighter than you think you need it. The less adjusting you need to do the easier it is to get right.
2. Put the rings on top of your shoulder to start, this helps prevent the rings ending up too low.
3. Pull the tail accross your body to tighten instead of in a downward motion. This helps keep the rings from moving downwards.
4. Lean forward to make the seat, the “fill your bra” method.

best thing I ever figured out was keeping baby’s bum above my bra line as I wrapped — even after standing up, adjusting and sagging, he always stayed high enough once I figured that out.

Top rails between the teeth while doing any back carry

Securing the seat when back carrying. Very few people seem to really get the point of securing and how it’s done!

Someone said they were advised to try back carries before being ready – practise superman at home for a while, but don’t finish the carry. Then practise making the seat, but don’t finish the carry. Bit by bit practise the basics and then when you’re ready you’ve already got the foundations built! Wish I had known that. Now we’re ready for back carries but frustrated learning it all at once.

“jump rope” getting back passes high helped me understand how to move my arms to get good spread passes

secure the seat during wrapping with bum attached to the door frame. Thats how we got the ruck tight Now it works without any frame

I put him on my back, hold the wrap with my teeth while I put him in the seat. Put the wrap tight over my shoulders and lean carefully just with his bum against a door frame / tree / wall. You get the picture?

That bouncing a little when tightening really helps. Also how to sandwich your wrap when doing a rucks stops the shoulders slipping off. Really wished I’d learnt that earlier. I hated a ruck for ages.

Sandwiching the shoulders was a brilliant tip to stop bunchy diggy shoulders.

pull it up, close to your neck. fold the wrap on your shoulders

pull it up, close to your neck. fold the wrap on your shoulders

To grap the wrap UNDER the holding hand for tightening…

That it’s about your confidence. If you feel safe and confident you will find it comes more easily.

Best tip ever for me:
You should wear your baby!

I wear a nursing necklace or give her toys while I wrap so she’ll stay calm. Sometimes I even link toys to my necklace with toy links! I tuck a lovey in the shoulder straps for sleepy time.

Best tip ever: how to make a seat!

We use the scarf trick:

Best tip for me was learning I could hip scoot instead of superman or santa toss. I was terrified of the latter but the former made sense!

The super tip I got from you: sandwiching shoulders! I never thought it would change completely my back carries!

Stand up straight to (back) wrap as soon as possible in the carry. (Instead of leaning forward)

For a RS with a tall kid/ toddler, put the RS over the LO’s head rather than trying to lift LO up and fight getting those lovely long legs in the sling. So. Much. Easier!

Best tip was: if you’re getting flustered/frustrated put it down and start again later

When I was first starting out I couldn’t get a good seat to save my life. I was told to tuck the wrap into baby’s pants, instant seat. It worked every time.

Leaning back against something to keep her from fighting and leaning away. Helps get her higher and tighter!

Pants tuck was my best tip for starting out. Oh and wear a scarf around your haid to stop hair pulling

Practice with a teddy bear!
Also, just put baby on your back, no wrap at all, to play for a while before you add the wrap. After 1 week of not using the wrap for a back carry, my son LOVED being on my back, and the carries just came naturally from there.

Not exactly troubleshooting, but one tip I got when I was a new wrapper really helped me. “It will never be fast, but it will get easier”. This gave me confidence to keep trying, knowing that wrapping is supposed to take time to get everything tightened appropriately.

When learning to back wrap give them a biscuit to keep them busy and wrap over a duvet to give you piece of mind. Also don’t let anyone help you, they only get in the way!

Cookie! (distraction)