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What’s your name?
How do you pronounce your name?
Where do you buy those hats?

You can search ‘pilot hat’ or baby bonnet on Etsy. I buy mine at Regenboogschaap & Little Shop Around the Corner.

Where do you buy your children’s clothes?

I love Scandinavian brands. I usually shop at IsaDisa, Stylepit, Mia Mohnstreusel and Miniperlen. There are many brands I love, sadly my favourite Ej Sikke Lej is not producing anymore.
Some of my favourite brands: Molo, Småfolk, Joha and 4FunkyFlavours.

Where do you live?

I live in the Netherlands. 

Where’s the dad?

We’re not together anymore. We’re still friends and he’s involved and caring. As he lives in Germany (and we in Holland) he usually only has the kids during school holidays.

So, you’re a single mom?
No, I don’t like to call myself a single mom. I’m a co-parent. Eventhough we don’t ”share” evenly their dad is there for me & the kids. I can’t take the credits for single parenting….
How do you combine you job, the care for 4 kids + running your page?

Set small goals and don’t try to be a perfectionist. There are days where I’m just happy we got through the day without any mayor incidents.
It’s a constant juggle of priorities, especially when I have a deadline coming up.
I get little sleep, but work in improving that.

Do you buy all of the wraps you show?
Not all. I do buy some wraps for my private stash, but often I receive products as a tester.
Why do you have so many wraps?
Because I can’t choose one favourite! I love trying all the blends and there are so many nice designs available in a wide range of colourways.
I can hardly pick which one to wear and I love the diversity of wraps I have.
With a capsule wardrobe, wraps (and carriers) are my way of flavouring up every outfit!
I make (…. insert productname here….), can I send you something to try / promote / review?

Currently I’m not writing any reviews on babywearing products. I might go back to it, so you’re welcome to send a request, but I’m not sure if or when.
I’m always happy to work together with brands to promote or show their products on my page. If you’re interested in a cooperation, please contact me.

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