(basics) Wrap Passes terminology

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If your start learning carries, it might be helpfull to know the different types of passes and other terminology which is used in (not only my) tutorials.

Different passes:
* ‘used for’ suggestions are only examples. Most passes are used for many carries and variations 

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Kangaroo/ruck pass
Create a seat, fabric spread over your child’s back, tails go over both shoulders

Used for Kangaroo & ruck variations

Sling pass (used to be referred to as a rebozo pass)
Spread the wrap over your child’s back, create a seat. The pass start over one shoulder and goes under the opposite arm (to the front). 

Used for a double hammock and other sling variation carries


Torso/horizontal pass

Horizontal pass, goes under both arms (of the wearer) and is spread over your child’s back.

Used for BWCC & FWCC.


Crosspass (legpass)
a diagonal pass which goes over one shoulder and under the opposite leg, under the wearer’s arm to the front

Used for: Half Jordan’s Back Carry, Front cross carry, hip cross carry
(*If you’re using it as a first pass, always keep a hand on your child because it’s only secure after a second pass)


the fabric goes over your chest (spread out) and under both arms

Used for: Double Hammock



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Bunched horizontal pass:

gather the fabric (‘bunch’ it) – the fabric goes over both legs, over the first pass(es) to keep the seat in place

You will use this for ‘tied at shoulder’ carries


Bunched crosspass / legpass

Gather the fabric (‘bunch’ it), this pass goes over one leg (over the fabric of the seat) and under the opposite leg

With 2 bunched crosspasses you will create an -X- over the seat which will help you secure the seat.

Used for: FWCC, Double Hammock and many other carries with a long wrap

[/pane][pane title=”reinforced passes”]

Reinforcing cross pass / legpass

This pass will come from under the wearer’s arm, you need to spread the fabric diagonally over your child’s body and guide it under the opposite leg

Used for: reinforced ruck, reinforced kangaroo carry and other reinforced carries


Two reinforced passes look like this: