(basics) Wrap Passes terminology


If your start learning carries, it might be helpfull to know the different types of passes and other terminology which is used in (not only my) tutorials.

Different passes:
* ‘used for’ suggestions are only examples. Most passes are used for many carries and variations 


Kangaroo/ruck pass
Create a seat, fabric spread over your child’s back, tails go over both shoulders

Used for Kangaroo & ruck variations

Sling pass (used to be referred to as a rebozo pass)
Spread the wrap over your child’s back, create a seat. The pass start over one shoulder and goes under the opposite arm (to the front). 

Used for a double hammock and other sling variation carries


Torso/horizontal pass

Horizontal pass, goes under both arms (of the wearer) and is spread over your child’s back.

Used for BWCC & FWCC.


Crosspass (legpass)
a diagonal pass which goes over one shoulder and under the opposite leg, under the wearer’s arm to the front

Used for: Half Jordan’s Back Carry, Front cross carry, hip cross carry
(*If you’re using it as a first pass, always keep a hand on your child because it’s only secure after a second pass)


the fabric goes over your chest (spread out) and under both arms

Used for: Double Hammock



Bunched horizontal pass:

gather the fabric (‘bunch’ it) – the fabric goes over both legs, over the first pass(es) to keep the seat in place

You will use this for ‘tied at shoulder’ carries


Bunched crosspass / legpass

Gather the fabric (‘bunch’ it), this pass goes over one leg (over the fabric of the seat) and under the opposite leg

With 2 bunched crosspasses you will create an -X- over the seat which will help you secure the seat.

Used for: FWCC, Double Hammock and many other carries with a long wrap

Reinforcing cross pass / legpass

This pass will come from under the wearer’s arm, you need to spread the fabric diagonally over your child’s body and guide it under the opposite leg

Used for: reinforced ruck, reinforced kangaroo carry and other reinforced carries


Two reinforced passes look like this: