Babywearing lexicon

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BWCC = back wrap cross carry

BWCC with CB = back wrap cross carry with a chest belt

CB = chest belt

CCCB = candy cane chestbelt – a chestbelt where the wrap ends are twisted

CCC = charlies cross carry

CHCC = coolest hip cross carry

DH = double hammock

DHDR = Double Hammock double rings

DRS2S = Double Rebozo Shoulder to Shoulder (currently being renamed)

FCC = front cross carry

FFO = front facing out

FWCC = front wrap cross carry

HJBC = Half-Jordan’s Back Carry

HCC = hip cross carry

JBC = Jordan’s back carry

Lexi twist = created by twisting both tails of the wraps one or two times

Pirate’s carry = RRRR

PWCC = pocket wrap cross carry

Rebozo = Traditional piece of cloth, but this term has been used for a pass (now referred to as sling pass) and carry too (now referred to as traditional sling carry)

Reinforced = spread out cross passes (opposite = bunched)

RR = reinforced ruck

RRRR = reinforced rear rebozo ruck 3 pictures inside studio (75eur)

RTAS = ruck(sack) tied at shoulder

RTIF = ruck(sack) tied in front

RTUB = ruck(sack) tied under bum

SBCC = short back cross carry

SCC = short cross carry

SHBC = secure high back carry

Tandemwearing = wearing two children at the same time

TUB = tied under bum

T2T = Tummy-to-tummy

TAS = tied at shoulder

TC = Taiwanese carry

TIF = tied in front

TT = tied tibetan

TUB = tied under bum

WCC = wrap cross carry

WPBC = Wiggle-proof back carry





Approx. sizes.

(It’s always best to check the manufacturers website to see which sizing they use and when you buy a used wrap, just ask the seller to measure it!)

Size 7: 5.2m

Size 6: 4.6m

Size 5: 4.2m

Size 4: 3.6m

Size 3: 3.2m

Size 2: 2.6m

CISO = casually in search of

Dibs = Do Inform Before Selling (asking someone to contact you and offer the wrap to you first if they decide to sell/trade it)

DISO = desperately in search of

Draw = (mostly random) way to pick the one who gets to buy the wrap. This is used by some retailers, but also on the second hand market. You don’t win a wrap for free, you win the right to purchase.

EUC = excellent used condition

FB = feedback

FFS = free for shipping

FSO = for sale only

FSOT = for sale or trade

FT = for trade

Gbay = ebay (website to buy used wraps, mostly by auction)

Holiday = sending your wrap travelling to other mamas

HSA = highly sought after

HTF = hard to find

IHA = I have available

ISO = in search of

MMAO = make me an offer

MMARO = make me a reasonable offer

MV =  market value

NFS = not for sale

On hold = ‘reserved’ – sometimes the potential buyer asks for a little bit of time so they can sell some wraps to buy the wrap listed

OOAK = one of a kind

OTW = on the way (shipped, but hasn’t arrived with the owner yet)

Package deal = selling/trading two (or more) wraps together

Pending = almost sold/traded (waiting for payment for example)

PP = PayPal

PPD = postage paid domestic (postal services included in the country of the seller)

Raffle = Free giveaway, sometimes you can win a wrap or babywearing goodies for free!

Retail price (RV) = Price the wrap sold for at the retailer

SFS = sub for sale (when a wrap is listed with ‘will be for sale when I don’t find a trade’ this is a common way to comment to turn notifications on)

STIH = soft tape in hand (standard way of measuring the length of a wrap)

TFSOT = tentatively for sale or trade

TFT = tentatively for trade

The swap = a facebook group where you can buy/sell/trade carriers and wraps

TOAK = two of a kind

TT = Temporary Trade

TV = trade value

Unicorn = dreamwrap/carrier

VDISO = very desperately in search of

VTFT = very tentatively for trade

WW = worldwide


BNIB = Brand new in box (or bag)

DD = dear or darling daughter

DH = dear husband

DS = dear or darling son

FYI = for your information

LO = little one

Lol = laughing out loud

NM = natural mamas, a UK based forum

OH = other half (aka husband or wife or significant other)

OP = original poster

OT = off topic

PM = private message

ROTFL = rolling on the floor laughing

SFP = stalk free pass

SO = significant other

Squish = newborn baby

SS = screenshot

TBW = the babywearer (forum)

TDF = to die for

TIA = thanks in advance

TY = thank you

WAHM = Work At Home Mom

WSS = what she said

WTS = what they said


Blend = the materials used, mostly written down in percentages

Blunt = the tails of the wrap can finish with a straight end, this is common with handwoven wraps

Broken thread = snagged thread that broke

Felting = Due to improper washing or treatment a wool wrap can felt. Heat and agitation when wet can cause this damage. The wool will shrink and look/feel fuzzy. There are different degrees of felting, mostly a wrap isn’t safe to be used for babywearing anymore after felting.

FWW = full wrap width

Hemmed = the rails are sewn

HW = handwoven

HWW = half wrap width

Indio = classic design from Didymos, available in a lot of colours and blends

ITW = in the works

LE = limited edition

MM = middle marker

Mr. P. = Pamir, handwoven wraps made by Vatanai

MW = machine woven

Natty = Natural (white/creme/undyed)

Nub = thick lump in the yarn, common in linen/hemp but can also occur with other yarn materials. Doesn’t influence safety.

OTL = on the loom

Permacrease = Permanent creasing in a woven wrap. Especially linen and hemp wraps are affected by this. Ironing and folding your wrap differently every time after wearing can help to prevent perma creasing

Permastash = part of the stash that the owner wants to keep ‘forever’ (at least the owner doesn’t plan to sell or trade it in the near future)

Pull = sometimes a thread gets snagged, by jewelry, nails, keys…. (mostly) these loops are easy to fix, but if you don’t fix it, it can break

Selvedges = common term in the handwoven world, the top rail and bottom rail are the edges that run parallel to the warp, and are created by the weft thread looping back at the end of each row. The selvedges keep the fabric from fraying/unravelling and don’t need to be hemmed (mostly)

Slub = similar to nubs, this means an irregularity in the yarn/weaving. doesn’t affect safety. (often nubs and slubs are mentioned together or for the same weaving flaw)

SSS = stash shot sunday / saturday (showing your stash on this day)

Stash = your complete collection of wraps and/or carriers

Stretchy = jersey / stretchy wrap, mostly not very supportive but great with a newborn

Tapered = the tails of the wrap can finish diagonal, this makes it easier to tie a small knot

Threadshifting = when different yarn materials are used, or a wrap has a very loose weave the threads can shift. You can easily push the threads back in place, severe threadshifting can create holes.

Warp = the longitudinal threads that run the entire length of the fabric

Weaversknot = Yarn is not endless, sometimes there are knots found on the cones of yarn used for a wrap. You can notice these little knots in machine woven wraps sometimes. Most handweavers make sure they don’t have any knots in their wraps.

Weft = The horizontal threads that get woven through the warp


FB = full buckle, a carrier with waist and shoulder strap buckles.

Fergo = Fake ergo (try to stay away from those counterfits)

HB = Half buckle, carrier with buckles at the waist and shoulder straps that need to be tied like a Mei Tai.  I love the possibility to finish tibetan or with a candy cane chestbelt

MT = Mei Tai, carrier that needs to be tied. Bodypanel with (long) straps at the shoulders and waist. One size fits (almost) all wearers, you can try different ways to tie it off.

NBC = Narrow-based carrier, not ergonomic for the baby, a lot of popular carriers fit in this category.

Onbu = Onbuhimo, a carrier without a waist strap. Mostly with two rings at the waist. Great for bigger kids and/or pregnant babywearing mamas.

Pod = podeagi, similar to a Mei tai, a bodypanel with straps. This one doesn’t have a waistbelt and the bodypanel is much bigger because you tie the tails over the bodypanel to create the cross under your child’s bum.

Pouch = not adjustable sling, make sure to get the right size for you

Reverse HB = Half buckle with the buckle at the shoulder straps and a waist that need to be tied

RS = ring sling, piece of (wrap)fabric with two rings. Asymmetrical, great for short ups or for hot weather. Easy to adjust, you can use this from the very first day.

SBP = Sleeping Baby Productions (Ring Sling conversions)

SSC = soft structured carrier = full buckle

WCMT = wrap conversion mei tai, mei tai made out of wrap fabric