Babywearing basics: stretchy / jersey wraps

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About stretchy wraps:

I will start with some basics about stretchy wraps vs. woven wraps.
The fabric from a stretchy wrap is totally different than a woven wrap, it feels more like a t-shirt and the stretch feels very strange if you’re used to wrapping with woven wraps (like I am).
I did get used to it after a couple of tries though. T-shirt fabric mostly stretches in multiple direction, as a stretchy wrap stretches in only one or sometimes 2 directions.
The combination of stretch in one and no stretch in the other direction is what makes different brands unique.

The pros of a jersey wrap are:
– the price (cheaper than most woven wrap brands – around 50 euro)
– you can pre-tie (no struggle at the parking lot with the tails hanging in the mud)
– one size fits all
– great for twin carries
– nice for preemies and newborns (very snuggly)
– soft!

– Not suitable for back carries (even though some brands suggest differently I would never recommend a back carry with a stretchy wrap), however hybrid wraps are an exception (JPMBB is a crossover and suitable for back carries)
– Most stretchy wraps are only comfortable up to 9kg (around 20 lbs) if used with too much weight it will get saggy
– Some stretchy wraps (depending on the brand) feel very warm

Is there a reason to start with a stretchy instead of starting with a woven wrap?
Maybe. Most mamas say it’s easier to start wrapping with a stretchy and they love the pre-tied carry, but I think with a stretchy wrap it’s even more important to understand how to tighten a wrap properly if you want to carry your baby very comfortable. You need to wrap very tightly and tightening a wrap with a lot of stretch needs some practice just like tightening a woven wrap.
The most important reason for me would be the ‘snuggly’ feeling you get with this wrap. I can only imagine how nice it would be with a small newborn baby, for skin to skin contact.
It feels almost like a second skin.