1988 / Frisian (dutch) mama  / certified babywearing consultant  & mother of 4 / I study: Multimedia Marketing

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(2019/2020) In arms carrying consultant – Mel Cyrille


1. Why did you start babywearing? (and when?)
My first daughter was born in April, 2011. Like every baby she loved being close to me and I imagined babywearing would help me to have my hands free. She was 2 weeks old when I wore her for the first time (in a ring sling).

I looked on the internet for information about all the possible carriers and wraps and asked a babywearing consultant for recommendations. I bought a ring sling (Hoppediz Miami) and a mei tai (Hoppediz Miami Hop Tye), because I was certain that I didn’t want a wrap because that would be way to complicated!

Two months later I bought my first woven wrap (Hoppediz das leichte Kairo) and a year later I bought two other wraps (Hoppediz Pune & Girasol Donau). I preferred my wraps, so I sold my Hop Tye.

2. When and why did you make the step to HE wraps?
During my second pregnancy I bought more wraps, with my toddler getting bigger I felt like our carrying days would be over soon and that there’s a lot out there to try. I wanted to try different brands, materials, designs and colours that I love. I bought different Kokadi, Natibaby, Didymos Indio and Oscha wraps and at some point I discovered Pavo and Artipoppe. At some point I owned around 25 wraps, but I sold most of them to fund my high end wraps. I fell in love with Pavo Magenta Zebra & the Artipoppe twobirds design. I didn’t expect that I would ever own them!
In my eager to try all the blends and new materials, the Artipoppe hunt is addicting and most wraps in my stash are APs.
To me babywearing isn’t only about convenience but my wraps are also an accessory and I own wraps in different materials, colors and designs, to match my look or to fit the circumstances (hot or cold weather, gardening, beach days). I have a wrap for every occasion.

3. What is your favorite wrap?
My first love was a Kokadi Erna in Wonderland, I owned several Erna wraps, had a custom carrier made and I still own a ring sling in that design.

4. How does babywearing help you?
I can carry my child(ren) close and have my hands free. Especially with multiple kids it’s very handy to have one child on my back/belly if I need to clean my home or if we’re out grocery shopping.
I wear my youngest girl frequently and my little boy is in a wrap most of the time 🙂

5. How many wraps do you own?
I’ve been trying to keep my stash small. Around 10 wraps in different sizes, colors and blends… but at the moment it’s a lot more. I do wear an average of 5-10 different wraps/carriers a day so I guess it’s okay.
I also host a lot of testers and own a bunch of wraps for my consultant stash. I have some wraps that I love to use for my tutorials and stay in my consultant stash for that reason 🙂

Me & my kids: