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Since I started babywearing over 10 years ago I’ve been trying to make babywearing (look) easy. Let me help you on your journey!

GSM calculator

Use my calculator to calculate the gr/m² for your wrap. Or calculate a scrap price

Where to start?

What should I pick? Which carrier styles are there?

Babywearing Lexicon

All those confusing names, I hope I can guide you a little!

Babywearing Educator

I trained with different babywearing schools as the insights and ‘’rules’’ on babywearing seem to be different between countries and trainers. I hope to bring the tools along to find a suitable carry/carrier for every situation. Comfort and safety are the most important guidelines when it comes to babywearing. And a lot is possible. Contact me to help you find whatever suits your family the best!

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Floating Item
Floating Item
Floating Item


You can find my tutorials on YouTube, or check out the pages here:

Tutorials Basics

Start with the basics

Carry Catalog

I collected some carries for you

Picture Tutorials

A picture speaks a thousand words. Step by step tutorials with pictures

Featured Blogs

I collected info and carries for you in my blogs

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Hi! I'm Hedwych, 32. I live in the Netherlands.I have 4 kids, an old house (82m²) which is filled with laughter, fun and creativity... and chaos 😉 I am a marketeer & Babywearing Educator. I love to take pictures!A mom searching for her soul (& abs). 🙂  *...

Pictorial: Kangaroo carry

Pictorial: Kangaroo carry

Step by step instructions for a Kangaroo carry Shown with a newborn Wrap: POP by Artipoppe Tiger black & gold size 3 ( * Hoover or touch to show the captions * ) [siteorigin_widget...

Tutorials – basics

Tutorials – basics

Frontcarry with a stretchy Jersey / Elastic wrap with a one week old pre-tied PWCC with shoulderflips This way the fabric isn’t covering the airways and the wrap is snugger at the neck, creating...


I've been babywearing for over 10 years now.  @wrapyouinlove


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